Returns will only be accepted for errors in sizes, models and defects in your purchase; as long as the provided it is established that the purchase has not been worn . In the purchase order model and size requested by the customer will be verified. In case you find that purchased by the client is different from what was actually sent by the company and to verify that it has not been worn, then the return will be made. If it is found that the piece has been worn by the customer, you will be sent as it is buying, shipping prior deposit.

Order shipments will be made through DHL Courier . Shipping time will be determined depending on the area where the customer has requested the purchase. Shipping times can be viewed through the website company is not responsible for the delivery time, shipping times are the responsibility of Courier DHL. The company DHLwill be responsible for delivering. deliveries Courier DHL, within 5 business days after the purchase. DHL will be responsible for shipping and the same time.

Once you have made the payment , the company verify the order and the terms described in the format sent to the client , and proceed to accept or deny all or partially The company only agree to make deliveries exclusively via DHL Courier in areas and places that have access according to their distribution network; In case the target area that the customer chooses not within the list of accessible area by the Courier DHL; delivery of the purchase order object will be delivered to the address the client has included in the format sent (only if the destination area is accessible for DHL Courier)

It is understood that any person who is in the direction where the delivery must take place, is duly authorized by the client to receive your order, and therefore the delivery made in this way and thus be considered valid, the company www.nenagosling .com, as the company DHL have fulfilled the obligations they have taken in this regard; It is exonerated from any responsibility for such delivery. If no one receives the request in the designated address, the Courier DHL or proceed to leave the products in the company's headquarters closer to the target area DHL, the company DHL will try to contact the recipient only two (2) times for the client to make product recall at the headquarters of the DHL Courier indicated after this if not possible to communicate with the user, the product or products shall be returned to the company headquarters in Caracas, in this case, the expenses generated by this transfer, paid by the customer. If the client fails to apply the term forwarding indicated, or cancel the additional value by forwarding within the time limits, the empresa may discontinue the transaction, and will be bound only to refund the amount paid for products, deducting the value of the expenses incurred by transportation.

The company is not responsible for the goods or is required to answer for damages, total or partial loss of the product once out of our warehouse and be delivered to the company DHL. Once the waybill issued by the company DHL, the company is released from liability for any loss, damage, deterioration or theft of goods. In case of loss or theft of goods during shipping to the customer policies the company is subject parcels have current.

Shipments are made Monday through Friday only.




How to buy

  • Register in our database
  • Select (the) article (s) that you like and click on the "add to cart".
  • Check that your details are correct; remember that your shipping address should be clear and specific so that the delivery is prompt.
  • Confirm your order
  • Set the payment method of your choice
  • If you choose the option of payment via deposit or transfer: You will receive an email with the summary of your order and the account number where you must deposit.
  • Once you make the payment, send the voucher number to confirm [email protected] and as the transaction, send your purchase by DHL.
  • Have a period of 7 working days to make and notify the deposit or transfer. After that period, the selected item will be returned to inventory and order will be automatically canceled.

What are the forms of payment?

  • Transferers or deposits to this bank account.
  • NOTE: If you make a payment from a different bank, the amount will take 48 hours to be effective, so it will take that long to confirm payment.

Where I can see the products in person?

Nena Gosling is available in several Venezuela Design shops in Caracas, and other cities of country.

You can also finf it through our Instagram nenagosling.

Exchanges and returns?

If you need to change a product, contact us and we will attend to [email protected]. Return shipping will run on your own unless the return is for manufacturing defects in the product.

We only accept changes in products purchased on our website and in less than 7 business days period. The product must be new, in original packaging and with their respective labels. Never used.